1. Is there any age restriction to playing in the Rookies band?
    No. All ages are welcome. Our youngest is 14 and our oldest is 70 something. Everyone is respected.

  2. Do I need to be able to read music to play in the Rookies band?
    Yes. We have a modern library of popular pieces that require the ability to read and play two octaves.

  3. What instruments does the band have music for?
    Ours is a concert band which traditionally features woodwinds, brass, percussion and electric bass, however strings players are welcome as they can share parts in a suitable key – i.e violins can play flute or oboe parts.

  4. How little does it cost to join the Rookies Band?
    Our annual membership is only $100 which is great value for approx. 40 weekly lessons (rehearsals).

  5. Do you have to be a novice player to join?
    No. We have several senior mentors who come to our weekly jam as it gives them the opportunity to play their 2nd or 3rd favourite instrument and to improve their skills. We have a pro muso, who’s toured with some of the biggest names, who plays drums for fun and to mentor the younger members.

  6. Is the Rookies Band suitable for beginners?
    No. The Rookies is a development band, so those who have been playing for less than one year will find the music challenging. Those who have been playing for more than a year will do better.

  7. Do I need to audition to join the Rookies?
    No, just come along and come again if you enjoyed yourself. We rehearse Tuesdays, 4.20pm at the Mudgeeraba Uniting Church.

  8. What kind of music does the Rookies Band play?
    We are a Pops band and love playing music from the 60’s, 70’s,80’s, 90’s,00’s, shows, and movie soundtracks – music we all know and love.

  9. Does the Rookies band perform for the community?
    Yes, we play at local community events and collaborate with the Tweed Coast Band for an annual combined concert.

  10. Is the Rookies band available for community performances and fundraisers?
    Yes. We love playing for our community and have voluntarily performed at many fundraisers and community events. Call us if you have an event and we’ll see if we can help.

  11. What do we need to perform at community events?
    We need a sheltered area out of the sun, wind and rain as we have over $60,000 of instruments. Also, the members appreciate a free cool drink and snack to say thanks for their time.

  12. Who can I talk to about sitting in with the Rookies Band at a weekly rehearsal? Call Sally Gregory on 0418 664 141, email on [email protected] or find us on facebook.