Rookies Band Testimonials 2024


SG Mentor: Playing with the Rookies and watching these musical kids grow in ability and confidence is one of the highlights of my week. I am still amazed by their talents and determination to be part of this life-changing experience.  Together we have created a musical journey to be proud of and I’m so looking forward to seeing where their talents take them into the future.  The weekly rehearsal gets me playing my flute more and ensures I can maintain my skill and extend my repertoire. I get to play with our fabulous mentors who have hundreds of years of experience to share – and I get to jam with music legend Mike Wade 

SB Mentor: It’s a lot of fun Tuesday afternoon helping out playing with the Rookies. The kids are doing so well and are getting a great experience. 

MW Mentor: I enjoy Rookies because I get to play my hobby instrument which is drums. I also like the people who are in the Band and the music we play. It’s all loose and a lot of fun.


SG 15: I really enjoy playing in the Rookies Band because I am surrounded by very musical people. I also love all the fun music we get to play as it is not too hard, but it isn’t super easy like some school Bands. The performances are also always fun and enjoyable. 

RC 23: I enjoy the Rookies Band as it’s a nice break between studying and a good way to keep
playing my instrument. It’s a fun environment where everyone is welcoming.

MD 16: Rookies is an amazing opportunity to play any music on any instrument without fear of messing up. Rookies is really refreshing after a school day because it helps me have fun and relax. Rookies is a stress-free inclusive music space for everyone. I have a lot of fun practicing my instrument in a community environment and I love playing gigs and being a part of my community without having to audition and pay big fees.

KS 14:  I love the wonderful community of the Rookies Band, how we all can listen to each other in a tightly knit group! Gives me a great advantage for my music classes, and I can take a good break from the school stress.  I can really connect with other people who have the same interest in music as I do, and I can play freely without the worry of having to be note perfect.

RS 16: Rookies Band allows us to play contemporary music as opposed to classical ensemble arrangements where the bass line only plays semibreves. A very stress-free environment, and a great past time which enables me to play con mi amigos.

AK 18: I like Rookies because it is a great break from schoolwork. Rookies not only helped me in musical skills, but interaction with different people and musicians also taught me a lot of things about the world and life!